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Discover & Locate

Find great deals, great shops, great wonders when shopping with Stampy.


Spend, Visit & Earn

Wether you are just visiting or purchasing, you might get rewarded!


Collect on the go

With your smartphone and Stampy, you are ready to get stampies or rewards anytime.


Get your reward!

With hundreds of Stampy Hot Spots all over the city, you could always locate rewards nearby.

Throw away your old-school stamp cards!

And start collecting and earning rewards NOW!

Why use Stampy?

Our difference with old-school stamp cards and general customer loyalty services.

  • Easy registration, no need to fill out bunch of personal data.
  • Included shops of all sizes, wide varieties of category for you to choose from.
  • We won't spam your email with ads.
  • Clean and simple user interface.
  • No need to bring extra cards and stuffed your wallet anymore
  • We won't sell or share your registration information to anyone.
  • Doesn't need to print cards, eco-friendly and save our planet!
  • Information are stored in enterprise-class cloud servers.

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